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Radial was started out of the necessity to create the best advertising platform possible. We recognized how the other advertising platforms were falling short in several key areas and wanted to change that. Rather than telling our clients they need to diversify their media mix, we wanted to create an all-in-one product.

Thus, Radial was born. Radial is the most efficient advertising product in the market. We combine elements of Facebook paid ads, Google ad words, Television, and digital Geo-fencing. We prioritize data, real-time machine learning, and delivery of the ad.

Our Values


We stay true to our words

Creative Thinking

We don’t follow trends


We passionately persevere.


We always get it done

Our Standards

We are ambitious

We lead by example and continuously raise the bar in all aspects of our work. These standards may be perceived as unreasonably high, but we set the bar to create an environment where our people can deliver their best, always.

We take ownership

We roll up our sleeves to get the job done, regardless of difficulty or complexity, never saying ‘that’s not my job’. We take decisive action knowing when to escalate to reach solution.

We are curious but don’t believe the hype

We are curious, we know how our competitors operate and understand the market. This knowledge allows us to build and follow our own vision. We don’t follow trends but head in the right direction.

We debate and commit

We act based on what is right for the company. When we believe something is important, we make our voices heard, regardless of level or role. We may not agree with each other but once a decision is taken, we commit with conviction, acting now to prepare for the future.

We are straight forward

We have the courage to communicate in a constructive and honest way, never shying away from difficult conversations and always straightforward in our approach.

We help each other

We are a team, and we really take care of each other. You will often hear us say ‘how can I help’. We develop ourselves and others to be the leaders of the future.

We are thorough

We know the details matter. We are skeptical if the metric and anecdotes are different. We know that trust comes with audit.

We act now

We know that speed is one of our main advantages against the giants. We don’t postpone, we act now and are willing to take calculated risks based on gut feel to build our vision of the future. Every meeting needs to end with a clear action plan.