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Radial Advertising Engine is an integrated

technology stack built for mobile.

It uniquely offers


Fully on-screen, engaging mobile formats

Radial's proprietary formats are built for a superior mobile ad experience. Fully on-screen ads like Ad Chooser and Thumbnail Ad are 100% in view, 100% of the time.


Unparalleled personification data at scale

Radial’s personification data is built on best-in-class contextual and semantic data, augmented with unique audience data. Our personification data is ID-less and cookie-less.


Powerful visual insights

Radial’s unique actionable insights sharpen advertising strategy, inform campaign briefs and help understand branding campaign performance and impact.


Proprietary personified targeting

Radial's personified targeting customizes ads for audience relevancy, fueled by personification data at scale, in total respect of consumer privacy.


Exclusive cost-effective inventory

Radial's direct access to exclusive mobile inventory eliminates overhead from intermediaries and provides advertisers with the best buying prices.


Comprehensive brand protection

Radial provides consumer privacy protection, data safety, brand-safe inventory and fraud‑free engagement. We are one of the safest place to deliver your message.